So you want to buy a car but you’ll need a car loan to get it. The problem is that you have bad credit, and it becomes challenging to get financing. One good way to get a car loan with bad credit is to have a relative or friend co-sign on the car loan. You should choose someone who has a solid credit history since this works best in your favor. Another idea would be to obtain a car loan at a credit union. The reason is that their interest rates are lower, and they’re more likely to give you a chance than traditional banks. Here are additional ways to get a car loan with bad credit.

Put Down a Larger Down Payment

This can help you because when you have bad credit, the car salesperson might be more willing to work with you if you’re able to put down a larger down payment. Save up for the down payment by taking a second job, getting a few side hustles, selling things you don’t need, and cutting out unnecessary expenses.

Consider Financing Through the Dealership

Another idea would be to get financing through the car dealership. Some car dealerships offer bad credit loans, but you want to do your research before doing so. Ask about the loan terms and interest rates that they offer. By using this method, you can bypass the traditional banks.

Set a Budget

It helps to set a budget when you’re ready to buy a car. Start by obtaining a preapproval letter from a lender, and seek to buy a car less than the amount that you’ve been approved of.

In conclusion, these tips can help you get a decent car even with bad credit.